Competition Programme

Time Draws & Start lists

The competition programme below for 2021.  Times will be advised when draw is completed. Covid 19 protocols will be in place.

All competitors and spectators will need to sign in each day on the NSW Services App.  Sign in at the indoor or Rider Information office.  Download the app here

All tickets to the venue must be pre-purchased. More info here

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 

Prydes Easifeeds Intermediate II CDN competition (12.30pm-4.00pm - Indoor arena)
 Arena Familiarisation -  Arena_Training_Fam_CDLite_2021.pdf

Thursday, 29 April 2021

RHS Dressage FEI Prix St Georges CDN (8.00am-2.33pm - Arena 2A)
Widderstein FEI Intermediate A CDN (8.00am-10.33am - Indoor Arena)
Assistance Dogs Australia FEI Under 25 Intermediate II CDN (10.45am-11.30am - Indoor Arena)
Bates FEI Grand Prix CDN (12.15pm-5.59pm - Indoor Arena)
Agnes Banks Equine Clinic CDN YR Team  competition (8.00am-10.30am - Arena 2B)
Pages Event Hire CDN Junior Team competition (11.25am-2.02pm - Arena 2B)
Dressage NSW CDN Pony Team competition (3.00pm-3.48pm - Arena 2B)
Kohnke's Own NSW Young Horse Championships 
Trailrace 4-year-old Young Horse & Pony - Round 1 (8.30am-11.36am- Arena 1B)
Kyros Family 5-year-old Young Horse & Pony - Round 1 (2.00pm-3.24pm - Arena 1A)
Chaballo 6-year-old Young Horse & Pony - Round 1 (8.30am - 10.40am - Arena 1A)
Equestrian NSW 7-year-old Young Horse - Round 1 (12.00pm-3.24pm - Arena 1A)
Presentations and Rider Welcome from 6.30pm, location Rider Retreat to be confirmed

Friday, 30 April 2021 

 Assistance Dogs Australia FEI Under 25 Grand Prix CDN (8.50am-9.36am - Indoor Arena)
Liverpool Catholic Club FEI Intermediate B CDN (10.00am-12.52pm - Indoor Arena)
 Heran Building Group FEI Grand Prix Special  CDN (2.00pm-4.42pm - Indoor Arena
Jill Cobcroft FEI Intermediate I CDN (9.00am-3.12pm - Arena 2A)
Dressage NSW CDN Pony Individual (9.00am-9.48am - Arena 2B)
Camden Equine Clinic CDN Junior Individual  (10:31am-12.32pm - Arena 2B) 
Agnes Banks Equine Clinic CDN YR Individual (2.00pm-4.37pm - Arena 2B)
Kohnke's Own NSW Young Horse Championships 
Trailrace 4-year-old Young Horse & Pony - Round 2 (8.45am-10.25am- Arena 1B)
Kyros Family 5-year-old Young Horse  - Round 2 (1.30pm-3.10pm - Arena 1A)
Chaballo 6-year-old Young Horse - Round 2 (8.45am-10.25am - Arena 1A)
Equestrian NSW 7-year-old Young Horse - Round 2 (11.00am-1.00pm - Arena 1A
4/5/6-year-old Ponies - Round 2 (11.00am-12.40pm - Arena 1B)

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Assistance Dogs Australia  FEI Under 25 Grand Prix Freestyle CDN (9.00am-9.40am - Indoor Arena)
Chamberlains Equine Legal FEI Intermediate A/B Freestyle (10.00am-11.22am- Indoor Arena)
Kohnke's Own NSW Young Horse Finals - Round 3 (11:55am- 1.40pm - Indoor Arena)
Equestrian NSW  FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDN (2.30pm-4.57pm - Indoor Arena
Schockmöhle Sports CDN FEI Pony Freestyle (9.00am-9.24am - Arena 1A)
Schockmöhle Sports  CDN FEI Junior Freestyle (9.45am-10.33am - Arena 1A)
Agnes Banks Equine Clinic FEI YR Freestyle CDN (11.00am-12.20pm - Arena 1A)
Camden Equine Centre FEI Intermediate Freestyle  (12.45pm-2.21pm - Arena 1A)
KC Equestrian Advanced 5B competition (8.30am-2.54pm - Arena 2B)
Bradgate Park Advanced 5C competition (8.30am-2.54pm - Arena 2A)