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Sponsor packages

A wide range of Sponsorship packages are available from Event Naming Rights Sponsorship to Competition Sponsorship and other types of "Value in Kind" (VIK) sponsorship.

The Organising Committee is looking for budget relieving value VIK contributions or special discounts to minamise cash outlays. In particular we are looking for support in the following areas:

  • Video series sponsorship
  • Arena decoration and plant supplies
  • Accommodation for officials
  • Airline tickets for officials
  • Courtesy cars & mini bus for officials and Organisers
  • Vehicles for judges to judge from
  • Printing of brochures, flyers, tickets and programme booklet
  • Wine for hospitality
  • Arena decoration including plants
  • Promotional video production and video features for the web
  • Product and gift prizes for volunteers
  • T shirts and caps for volunteers and Organisers
  • Entertainment and special displays
  • Computer equipment for scoring
  • Advertising in the official programme booklet
  • Product give aways for competitors and officials

Enquiries: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 if you would like  more information.