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The FEI Degree of Difficulty (DoD) Freestyle Judging at the Sydney CDI

The FEI Degree of Difficulty (DoD) Freestyle Judging, introduced for the first time in Australia in 2018 and will once again be used in 2022

The DoD will apply only to the CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle.

(FEI Creator Manual extract) Advantages of the new Freestyle System

This new system has been developed to make the judgement of the degree of difficulty in freestyle presentations more transparent and to ensure that the assessment of the various difficulties is the same for each rider, depending on the quality of the execution.

Furthermore, the rider has the chance to declare all difficulties in advance and will benefit from the judges becoming equally aware of the difficulties scheduled.

To make it work, the rider has to transform his choreography with the help of an electronic system, "The Creator", into an electronic test sheet.

The online system of the Creator offers full functionality for the rider and is integrated within the FEI entry system. The rider is able to set up his floorplan and assign it to future competitions where his entry is accepted.

The rider has to visit dressagefreestyle.fei.org and log in using his/her FEI account.  

Many Athletes already have active accounts if they use the FEI SportApp etc, but some have not yet set up a password that goes with their FEI ID.  

If a rider has not yet activated their FEI ID number (not yet set up a password) they can ask their National Federation to send them the “account creation email” or they can directly request the FEI to activate their account by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]  

This platform is used to directly connect the Creator to the FEI entry system. 

While this system will also work on mobile devices, it is highly recommended to use a computer due to easier and more accurate Drag and Drop with a mouse.

Riders are required to enter their GP Freestyle floorplans online on the FEI Creator located on the FEI website.  To start the process, competitors need to contact Equestrian Australia and obtain an FEI log in to access the set up.

Assistance will be available to help riders input their floorplans at the Sydney CDI on Wed morning.   Riders will be allocated a time with a representive from BlackHorse One to complete the floorplans together. 

A short tutorial type video is available from the FEI that will give riders an idea of what to expect. 

Short online intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zZF3D3VWPg 

FEI Creator Manual:  Creator-Manual.pdf  

The Sydney CDI would like to thank SAP and their technology partner Black Horse One for making it possible for us to offer the Spectator Judging App again in 2019 and for their support and enabling us to test the FEI Degree of Difficulty Freestyle System for the first time in Australia.