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Posted by Toni Venhaus on 11/05/2015.
Tom McDermott - Fernhill Quintago I competing in the ENSW Accumulator on Saturday night
Franz Venhaus

Young Horse Showjumping Finals at the Sydney CDI

By Jenny Sheppard

Saturday 9th May 2015

The innovative Sydney CDI Organising Committee once again included Jumping on the competition programme. With the Oaks Sport Horses NSW Young Horse Jumping Series Finals taking place all day on Saturday in the outdoor Arena 2 at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.

Dressage and Jumping enthusiasts were able to see some of the best four, five, six and seven year-old young jumping horses in Australia competing in their respective age groups.

A huge thanks and congratulations must go to the mastermind of the Young Horse Series Alice Cameron of Oaks Sport Horses. Alice, at the wonderful Oaks Sport Horses home base in The Oaks just South West of Sydney, breeds international quality show jumping horses in Australia using the best bloodlines available worldwide. Her emphasis is on show jumping, but the young stock show the movement and temperament that will suit them for other Olympic disciplines.

The whole vision is to have elite quality Warmbloods available to local riders and breeders – and as Alice says “I’ve always been a sucker for a nice horse”.

HQ Insurance – your Equine Insurance Head Quarters & Specialists sponsored the Young Horse Finals – broker Ben Culham was on hand to present the prizes and trophies following each class. The specialist team at HQ Insurance are passionate about horses and privileged to be an integral part of the horse industry. Most of their team are actively involved in the horse industry and have been for the greater part of their working lives, making HQ Insurance rich in experience, passion and aptly the Head Quarters of equine insurance.

International Course Designer Mark Atkins designed the courses for the Gala young horse jumping, the four year olds were first up jumping an uncomplicated encouraging course set at 1 meter in height. Three horses jumped double clear rounds to be equal winners of the 4yo Championship. 

HQ 4YO Championship Results:

= 1st Tulara Colemine (Colman / Tulara Quinar) ridden by Brooke Campbell who owns this lovely horse with Luke Brown.

= 1st Ava (Camelot Ego Z / X Crack K) ridden and owned by David Cameron.

= 1st Diamond B Velveteen ( Vivant / Diamond B Constellation) ridden by Amanda Madigan and owned by the Diamond B Farm.

4th Oaks Calypso (Copabella Cadiz / Oaks Paris Texas) ridden by Amanda Madigan and owned by Oaks Sport Horses.

The 5YO Championship was judged as a jump off class over a course set to 1.10m for the first round and the jump off a little stronger, again a lovely track set by Mark Atkins.

HQ 5YO Championship Results:

1st Cavalier Du Rouet (Balou du Rouet / So Elegant) ridden by Stephen Dingwall and owned by Robert Stewart.

2nd Oaks Donatello (Danaos du Theillet / Oaks Alto) ridden and owned by Rhiannon Ellis.

3rd Quiz Star (Quincy Z / Harmony Hill Nina) ridden and owned by Tallara Barwick. 

4th Finch Farm Clifford (Charlemagne Ego Z / Just A Trade) ridden and owned by Tegan Kidner.

Mark Atkins set a straightforward yet solid 1.20m track for the 6YO Championship creating super jumping with more than 50% of these lovely young horses jumping clear in the first round. A super win to the Parco gelding bred by David and Robyn Robertson, Dusky Farm Smoko ridden by George Johnson

HQ 6YO Championship Results:

1st Dusky Farm Smoko (Parco / Dusky Farm Stella) ridden by George Johnson and owned by the Carrol, Watson, Farrell and Johnson Families.

2nd Copabella Voltage (Copabella Visage / Holland Rose) ridden by Brooke Campbell and owned by Brooke Campbell and Lesley Hargreaves.

3rd Kinnordy GR Rudy (Riverdance / Kinnordy Gurata) ridden by Shannon Breen and owned by S and G Breen.

4th Diamond B Valentina (Vivant / Always Be Grateful) ridden by Amanda Madigan and owned by the Diamond B Farm.

5th Velveeta (Vivant / Oaks Pro Ratina) owned and ridden by Amanda Madigan

A very strong group of 7 year olds contested the Championship, Mark Atkins setting a strong 1.30m track and very exciting to see 10 horses jumping clear to head into a stronger course against the clock.

HQ 7 YO Championship Results:

1st Agloria (Premier des Hayettes / Parkview Celeste) ridden by Andrew Inglis and owned by Jane and Stefan Mohr, Jenny Sheppard and Andrew Inglis.

2nd Nintendro M (Numero Uno KWPN / Congranda) ridden by Sheridan Manuel and owned by Lisa Manuel.

3rd Rosthwaite Grumfus (Kempinsky / Rose Witch) ridden and owned by Milly Clarke.

4th Copabella Cashmir (Chequille Z / Holland Rose ) ridden by Brooke Campbell and owned by Brooke Campbell and Lesley Hagreaves.

5th Nicolette (Wirrigulla Niklaus / Harmony Hill Nina) ridden by David Cameron and owned by Tony Norman.

The Results of the Oaks Sport Horses Young Horse Series Point Score for the 2014-2015 year are:

Oaks 4YO Series:

1st Tulara Colemine – 22 points – ridden by Brooke Campbell

=2nd Ava – 18 points – ridden by David Cameron

=2nd Velveteen – 18 points – ridden by Amanda Madigan

Oaks 5YO Series:

1st Cavalier du Rouet – 25 points – ridden by Stephen Dingwall

2nd Oaks Donatello – 16 points – ridden by Rhiannon Ellis

Oaks 6YO Series:

1st Copabella Voltage – 26 points – ridden by Brooke Campbell

2nd Kinnordy Rudy – 22 points – ridden by Shannon Breen

Oaks 7YO Series:

1st Agloria – 20 points – ridden by Andrew Inglis

2nd Rosthwaite Grumfus – 19 points – ridden by Milly Clarke

A few statistics for the breeders Vivant was the dominant sire with six of his progeny competing. Then there were two competing from each of the following – Balou du Rouet; Falkrich; Copabella Visage and Premier des Hayettes.

Agloria (Premier des Hayettes / Close Encounters - Sire of Dam) won the 2013-2014 Oaks 6YO Series an added feat for breeder, rider and part owner Andrew Inglis. 

On the mare side Harmony Hill Nina is the Dam of Quiz Star and Nicolette, Dusky Farm Stella is the Dam of DF Stella and Dusky Farm Smoko, Oaks Pro Ratina is the Dam of Diamond B Viva La Rose and Velveta, Holland Rose is the Dam of Copabella Voltage and Copabella Cashmir.

Jumping was an entertainment feature on the Saturday evening indoor program, an Accumulator Stakes was held prior to the enormously popular dressage Grand Prix Freestyle. In front of a sellout crowd the who’s who of the jumping world competed for the $1500, each combination competing against the clock looking to accumulate the maximum number of points in the fastest time possible. Mark Atkins setting formidable looking track that finished with a Chinese Dragon wavy plank vertical set at 1.50m and encouraged the riders to gallop and gain valuable seconds. On walking the course you could see some extreme options, on seeing the course ridden the options were best left alone, a neat controlled round was to win. Australia’s most prolific young jumping rider Tom McDermott did just that to win the class as the crowd cheered. Young rider Mitchell Peulic was the runner up and Tom McDermott again into third. 

What a great day for the Young Horse Finals, a huge thank you to the sponsor HQ Insurance, Alice Cameron the mover and shaker of the series and chief organizer extraordinaire Jane Robinson. 

Great courses, Great footing, Great jumping, Great sponsor spectacle – PERFECT.

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