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Best performed overseas rider on a borrowed horse

Awarded to the overseas rider with the highest average percentage performance on a borrowed horse in the Small Tour.

This prize has not been awarded since 2012.

Year Rider Country
2012 Lindsay Seidle Wassanaar Canada
2011 Sally Goodwin-Davies Great Britain
2010 Tomoka Nakamura Japan
2009 Daniel Watson Great Britain
2008 Karen Pavacic Canada
2007 Wendy Christoff Canada
2006 Jay Rathore India
2005 Christopher von Martels Canada
2004 Francesca Nicolletti USA
2003 Daphne Haagmans Canada
2002 Joanna Jackson Great Britain
2000 Andrea Taylor Canada
1999 Sonia Webster Great Britain
1998 Tanja trauper Germany
1997 Belinda Nairn USA
1996 Evelyn van Beuningen Belguim
1995 Claire Ballantyne Great Britain