Competition Programme

Time Draws & Start lists

The 2018  competition programme below is subject to change.  Below is an early indication of the programme and the location of where competitions will be held.  The arena allocation may be changed. Check for updates closer to the event.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

  • Arena Familiarisation
  • Arrival Inspection and Fitness Inspection (Trot-Up, CDI horses from approx 3.00pm)
  • Mrs Tutton Prix St Georges CDN Competition (Indoor Arena  11.30am-4pm)
  • Equestrian Australia FEI Para-Equestrian  Team Competition (Arena 2A/B  12.30pm-2.15pm)
  • Wades Equine Coaches Intermediate II Competition CDN (Arena 1A
  • Riders Welcome from around 6.30pm sponsored by Woodside Warmbloods Bowral

Thursday, 3 May 2018

  • Liza Carver Prix St Georges CDI (Arena 1A from 12.30pm-4.55pm)
  • Agnes Banks Equine Clinic Young Rider FEI Team Test CDI-Y (indoor Arena 2pm-4.15pm)
  • A.S.P.R. FEI Pony Team Competition CDI-P (Arena 1A from 11.15-11.42am)
  • Quick Knot Australia FEI Junior Team Competition CDI-J (Indoor Arena 8am-9.20am)
  • Mulawa Performance FEI Under 25 years  Intermediate II CDI U-25 (Indoor Arena 12.10pm-1.04pm)
  • 4CYTE Intermediate I CDN (Arena 2B 8.00am-10.33am)
  • Kohnke's Own FEI Intermediate A Competition CDN (Arena 2A 8.00am-10.33am)
  • Widderstein Stables  4-year-old Young Horse Championships Round 1: (Arena 1B 8.00am-12.03)
  • Sue Hemsworth & Susan Weeks 5-year-old Young Horse Championships Round 1: (Arena 1A8.00am--10.57am)
  • Prydes EasiFeed 6 & 7-year-old Young Horse Championship (Arena 2A 1.15am-2.55pm)
  • Trailrace  Grand Prix CDN (Arena 2A 11am-12.57pm)
  • OTTO SPORT AUSTRALIA FEI Grand Prix CDI3* (Indoor Arena from 1.30pm to 5.30pm)
  • Equestrian Australia Para-Equestrian Individual Championship competition (Arena 2A/B 3.20pm-4.55pm)
  • Presentations and Happy Hour from around 5.00pm supported by Team Van Den Berge

Friday, 4 May 2018

  • Jilli Cobcroft  FEI Intermediate I CDI (Indoor Arena  8am-12.12pm)
  • Agnes Banks Equine Clinic Young Rider FEI Individual Test CDI-Y ( Arena 1A 2.00pm-4.18pm)
  • Mulawa Performance FEI Under 25 years Grand Prix (Indoor Arena 12.45pm-1.39pm)
  • Longvue FEI Intermediate B  (Arena 1A 10.30am-1.00pm)
  • A.S.P.R. FEI Pony Individual test Competition CDI-P (Arena 1B 2.00pm-2.30pm) 
  • Quick Knot Australia FEI Junior Individual test Competition CDI-J (Arena 8 11am-12.30pm)
  • IRT Advanced Tournament EA 5.2 & 5.3 (Arena 2A/B 8.00am-1.45pm)
  • Bradgate Park Amateur Advanced EA 5.2 & 5.3 (Arena 7/8 8.30am - 10.18 & 1.15pm-3.03pm)
  • Widderstein Stables 4-year-old Young Horse Championships Round 2: (Arena 1B  8.30am-10.10am)
  • Sue Hemsworth & Susan Weeks 5-year-old Young Horse Championships Round 2: (Arena 1A  8.30am-10.10am)
  • A.S.P.R. Young Ponies 4/5/6 year-old Round 2 (Arena 1B 10.30am-1.00pm
  • Prydes EasiFeed  6-7 yr-old Young Horse Round 2: (Arena 2B 2.15pm-3.45pm)
  • Dressage NSW Young Horse Consolation EA competitions, Novice/Elementary/Medium (Arenas 7 & 8 from 9am)
  • Equestrian Australia  Grand Prix Special (Indoor Arena 2.00pm-4.37pm))
  • Presentations and Happy Hour from 5.00pm in the Indoor Arena, supported by Karzimah Performance Palaminos

Saturday, 5 May 2018

  • IRT Advanced Tournament Freestyle (Arena 1A 8am-10.24am)
  • HYGAIN FEI Medium Tour Freestyle (Arena 1A) 11am-12.20pm 
  • SAP FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDN (Arena 1A 12.45pm-2.05pm ) 
  • Commins Hendrik Solicitors Para-Equestrian Freestyle (Arena 1A 2.20pm-3.40pm)
  •  Jumping  (Arena 2 from 9am)
  • Eventing Dressage,  EvA95 & EvA105 (Arenas 7/8 from 8.30am to be confirmed)
  • Agnes Banks Equine Clinic Young Rider Freestyle CDI-Y (ndoor Arena 9.30am-11.27am)
  • Mulawa Performance FEI 16-25 Grand Prix Freestyle CDI U25 (Indoor Arena 12.00pm-12.45pm )
  • Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia Young Dressage Horse Finals (Indoor Arena from around 1.00pm-3.10pm)
  • Zilco Intermediate Freestyle (Indoor Arena 4.15pm6.15pm)
  • Dressage NSW Sydney CDI Quadrille Competition (Indoor Arena from approx 6.30pm) 
  • Equestrian NSW Grand Prix Freestyle CDI (Indoor Arena approx 8.00pm-10.30pm) supported by NSW Office of Sport
  • Kohnke's Own  Sydney CDI Après Party (all welcome - Indoor Arena) 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

  • Master Class and Workshop for judges, coaches, riders with FEI 5* Judges Stephen Clarke  (Great Britain). More Info
  • Everyone welcome. A fee will apply.  Book online   or download a booking form from the link above and send in to us.