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Entry Adjustments on Nominate (extra stabling/camping/bedding etc) [click here]

Competitor Information

  • Freestyle Music Check overview and details  Freestyle_Music_Test_Info_CDI2018.pdf
    Upload Freestyle Music to Musikür [Click here}  
  • Degree of Difficulty (DoD) Freestyle Judging System introduced for the Grand Prix Freestyle [More information]
  • Official photograher:  Contact Amy Sue Alston if you would like to have your horse photographed during the event. email Amy
Fitness Inspection (Troy up) starting order and infomation Fitness_Inspection_CDI2018_collated.pdf
Presentation timetable Presentation_Schedule_CDI2018.pdf
Rider Information Pack Rider_Info_CDI_2018_Final.pdf
Arena Familiarisaton timetable ArenaFamil_timetable_CDI_2018.pdf
AOR FEI CDN competitions: AOR_nominations_CDI2018.pdf FEI_AM_nominations_CDI2018.pdf
Competitor Entry Status (updated 23/4/18) 2018_SydneyCDI_Entry_Status.pdf
Competitor preliminary acceptance list information Prelim_EntryStatus_Cover_note_CDI2018.pdf
Schedule & Conditions of  Entry (updated) Entry_Schedule_CDI_2018_updated.pdf
FEI Approved Schedule for CDI3*/Y/J/P DS_DEF_NF_Sydney_NSW_AUS_03_05_ May2018_Updated.pdf
Horse Health Declaration (to be handed in on arrival at the venue) NSW_Horse_Health_Declaration_SydneyCDI2018.docx
Quadrille entry form (closing date Fri 13/4) Quadrille_Entry_Form_SydneyCDI_2018.docx
Quadrille Commentary Form (due no later than 10am 5/5) Quadrille_commentary_form_CDI_2018.docx
Sydney CDI Quadrilles_Tips_Information.pdf GUIDELINES_Quadrille_CDI.pdf
Venue layout CDI_SIEC_Map.pdf

Enquiries: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 or  e-mail  Toni on:  [email protected]  or Cathie Drury Klein 0417 224 432 or email Cathie

FEI Registration

All riders and horses participating in FEI sanctioned events (CDIs) must be registered on the FEI database. Registrations must be renewed each calendar year (in January). Registration forms are available on the EA web site or contact the National Office 02 8762 7777. FEI registration is required for all horses and riders taking part in the CDI 3*, U-25, CDI-Y, CDI-P, CDI-J competitions. 

FEI Requirements re Passports etc explained: FEI Requirements_SydneyCDI_from_2017.pdf

Find your FEI Registration number [here

EA National Identification Documents & Recognition Card  & FEI Passports 

All horses entered in the CDI sanctioned  competitions (except for FEI Under 25, CDI-Y CDI-J & CDI-P) must have either an FEI Passport or an FEI Horse Recognition Card to go with an EA Horse Identification Document. Refer entry conditions. Contact the National Office to arrange for a Horse Identification Document on 02 8762 7777. The procedure takes some time so don't leave it till the last minute. 

NEW National Passports

From 1/1/17 all horses/ponies applying for FEI registration will need to be identifiable by the EA Passport.  This does not apply to any horse with a current FEI registration number or overseas national passports (KWPN, German Hannover Document etc or a passprt issued by the A.C.E. Group (updated of August 2017).  More information

The above does not apply to horses taking part in CDN competitions such as the National PSG,Inter I, Inter II, GP CDN, the FEI Medium Tour, the Advanced and young horse competitions at this event.

Apply for FEI Registration or FEI Passports [Here]

Rules and Regulations regarding Sponsor Logos on Saddlecloths and Jackets

Athlete Anti-Doping

Equestrian Australia Athlete anti-doping information 2016_anti_doping_rider_bulletin.pdf

FEI Cleansport
New Equine Anti-Doping and controlled Medication Regulations and Equine prohibited substances list go LIVE for all FEI events. [More

FEI Vets
All Vets attending horses in the CDI competitions must have an FEI Recognition Card. FEI_Vet ID card_A3 Poster.pdf 

Medication log books are required to be kept by owners of horses entered in FEI sanctioned events.
Participants in FEI events (CIs - this means CDI competitions held at the Sydney CDI event) will need to keep a medication logbook for their horses. [More

Health Professionals
Competitors please read this notice regarding protocol and procedures that will be in place for this event regarding health professionals and personnel providing alternate treatment for horses. [File to be updated]

Other Links

  • FEI website for dressage rules and tests [More]